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Дорогая редакция


Telephonic Press Briefing with Kurt Volker, the U.A. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations.



Some aspects and trends of the information space of the Baltic region in the context of possible use by the Russian side of certain social processes as vulnerabilities for Lithuania's information security

On the economic dependence on the Russian Federation. The points

And to another kind of hybrid weapons. Pity. And the case of Yuliya Samoylova on the EuroVision as a perfect example.

Since The New York Times journalists were too busy to actually check the facts, let us do this. About the “supplies” of rockets from “Yuzhmash” to Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

We have here the second part of the material on the use of human rights in a hybrid war. Recall the OSCE

On the use of the theme of extremism in a hybrid war.

This is not a script for the “Lord of War” movie, this is Western press accusing Ukraine of unscrupulous weapons trade. But it is journalists who are unscrupulous in this case.

The transfer of power has already begun. Who will take the place of Putin? Consider the candidates and their chances.

Kremlin ‘s usage of anti-Semitism issue in the information war against Ukraine. Expectations and reality

SSU, ISIS, elimination of the leaders of "proud and independent" self-proclaimed republics, the business card of Yarosh - it’s all that stuff

About the exacerbation of relations between the regions and the federal center. Causes, consequences and the "invisible hand of the State Department".